Daily Specials

Daily Specials – and that includes coffee, tea, or soft drink!


King Ranch Chicken:

Grandma Esther started making this in the ‘80’s, and it’s always a hit! Cheese, chicken, peppers, onion, corn tortillas & tomato in a creamy sauce. Served with a dinner salad.


Kevin’s Chili Burger:

Served open face on Texas toast, this char-broiled ½ pound burger is topped with Dad’s chili, cheese & sour cream. Served with a side of fries.


Pot Roast Dinner:

Generous slices of juicy beef roast that’s been slow cooked with carrots & potatoes. Brown gravy tops it all. Served with a dinner salad. 


Rosemary’s Chicken and Dumplings:

Chicken breast chunks & home-made rolled dumplings in savory chicken broth. Your choice of one side (we recommend the mashed potatoes!)


Spaghetti Casserole:

Marinara sauce, Italian sausage, cheese & pasta, baked together until the flavors have blended. Served with a dinner salad.


Pork Loin Dinner:

Pork loin slow cooked until fork-tender, then sliced thick. Your choice of 1 side.