Each sandwich served with your choice of one side.


Build Your Own Burger:

1 patty with 2 toppings or 2 patties with 2 toppings

Toppings: sautéed onions, Dad’s chili, jalapeno chips, 2 bacon slices, cheese, sautéed mushrooms, fritos, 2 onion rings.  Add an additional amount if you want more toppings!


Plain Old Hamburger:

1 patty grilled on our char-broiler. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.  A small additional amount extra for a slice of cheese.


Grilled Cheese:

Creamy American cheese melted between two slices of grilled Texas Toast.  For an extra amount we’ll put a juicy slice of ham in your grilled cheese.


Char-broiled Chicken Sandwich:

Char-broiled chicken breast sandwiched by Texas toast. Served with lettuce, mayo, & tomato.  A small additional amount extra for bacon.



We pile 6 slices of bacon on lightly grilled Texas toast, then add mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickle.